Travel Around the World With 12 Amazing Decor Gems

Whether one travels for fulfillment or distraction, these 12 products that mirror beautiful features from around the world inspire the wanderlust in us all.

By Adriana Angelini
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Island Hopping

To be completely lost is the beginning of self discovery, which is why these islands are the perfect destination to wander. Why not take a piece of them with you with these ocean-inspired plates. Anthropologie, $4-$10 (Photo of islands via Hawaiian Salt)

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Golden Find

There is nothing more striking than the exquisite architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge (we may be biased), which is why having a stool that is reminiscent of it in your home is the best souvenir you can take back with you. Nest, $419 (Photo of Golden Gate Bridge, courtesy of Chateau and Bungalow)

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Geometric Gardens

Traveling the world is all about being open to new perspectives, and this bird's eye view of the Versailles Gardens in France has caught our attention. Incorporate this geometric mirror into your abode and mirror these geometric shapes of the land. Restoration Hardware, $450 (Photo of Versailles Gardens via Janelle McCulloch Library of Design)

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Heavenly View

Leave it to the mastermind of Gaudí to create a jaw-dropping Cathedral in the mesmerizing streets of Barcelona. Even though we wish we could live in Barcelona to bask in its presence, we can bring a chunk of it back with us (not literally, but this table will do just the trick). Nest, $953 (Photo of Barcelona via Antoni Gaudi)

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Italian Royalty

You don’t need to live in a castle to feel like royalty. The ornate architectural details found in the Palace of Venaria in Italy inspired the feminine and delicate carvings found in this royal couch. Grazie, Anthropologie! Anthropologie, $2,998 (Photo of Palace via Simple Everyday Glamour)

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Illuminated Inspiration

One could spend months analyzing the intricate details found throughout Moroccan architecture, so introducing a lamp that plays on the forms found in these faraway lands will keep you roaming even when you are grounded at home. Alexandra Raben, price upon request (Photo of Marrakesh via Servais Boursot)

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Art Piece

Furniture is an art form, which is why it’s no surprise that the sleek lines in this modern couch fit perfectly with the bold lines found in the Guggenheim Museum in New York. We want it in our homes, but this couch really belongs in the museum, don’t you think? Vitra, price upon request (Photo of NY Museum via Flickr user Comtesse DeSpair)

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Delicate Dressing

The etchings on this dresser that match perfectly with the carvings from the architecture will make you feel like you never left Portugal. Anthropologie, $798

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Paris has a certain “je ne sais quoi” to it, and it’s probably so indefinable because it’s a city that successfully manages to combine its classic architecture with new modern design. To re-create this magnificent juxtaposition, place this modern table inspired by The Louvre in your traditional home, and we promise, people will be saying “oh la la” whenever they visit. Nest, $295 (Photo of the Louvre via The Girl With The Red Bag)

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The Great Pillow of China

It’s time to go to China, where the rice fields are mighty impressive. To recreate this mesmerizing place, put this printed sham in your home for a unbelievable view on the daily. Ferm Living, $90

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In Nature

Many of the world’s wonders are found in nature, just like this beauty in Utah. It’s okay to want to live in nature, which is why having this organic stool at home will keep the connection between you and the outdoors alive. Zara Home, $189 (Photo of Utah via National Geographic)

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Spanish Dream

Intertwine your sense of adventure with Spain, the beautiful home to this charming street. We wish to hang about in the trees, but until then, we can be whisked there whenever we use these sophisticated glasses. Anthropologie, $16-18 (Photo of Spain via Danielle Cornwell)

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