Way Too Cool For Stools

Sit down and stay awhile on these furniture pieces that give functional seating a fun and funky twist.

By Elysa Hill
Photo credit: Studio C Milan
Spinning Around

Swivel over to the bar with these Atelier height-adjustable stools from Studio C Milan that have a timeless, chic quality.

Photo credit: Noel Blakeman
Pick a Stool, Any Stool

This functional art sculpture fans out to reveal multiple seating options at various heights. Gorgeous in bronze, blue, and red and made from Coran and Stainless Steel. Noel Blakeman, price available upon request.

Photo credit: Tamasine Osher
Bounce House

These stools are screwed-up (in a good way) and sport a bit of color against a blonde wood base. Fun and flexible, these perches by Tamasine Osher will have you bouncing out of your seat!

Photo credit: Sascha Grewe
Letter Perfect

These 100% hand crafted seats are made by Sascha Grewe, who happens to be a trained carpenter as well as an interior designer. Do we absolutely love his verbose block-lettered picks? YES!

Photo credit: Design Connected
See-Through Cool

Designed to complement (or camoulflage with) any color palette, Umbra's 3D-inspired seating option is clearly the coolest option for any mod room.

Photo credit: ArchiExpo
Geometry for Designers

Seven elliptical circles cut through a rectangle to create a seat, plus footrests in this fun pop art bar stool design from Laurent Minguet for Miiing.

Photo credit: Luxxbox
Lego Mania

Hold onto your seat for this one, as a childhood favorite comes to life in the form of lego building blocks. Stack 'em up for varied height and for a quick conversation starter. Luxxbox, price available upon request.

Photo credit: Atelier Chen Min
Clean Up

The Hangzhou stool by Atelier Chen Min is made with layered bamboo veneer, making it easy to clean after being climbed on by kids or spilled on by snackable party fare.

Photo credit: Ryan Frank
Stackable Solutions

Set 'em down or stack 'em up, these Enzo stools by Ryan Frank are cute little additions to any room. We are loving the awesome totem pole design they create!

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