We Can't Get Enough: Nest Furniture

Cuddle up with someone special (or just a good book!) in one of these nest-esque wonders. 

By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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Made of crazy-strong fibers, this hanging pod is part fanciful hammock, part swallow's nest. It's designed for outdoor use, and is the perfect size to curl up with a few throw pillows (and hopefully a similar view). Price upon request, dedon.com

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Spartan Daybed

Totally sculptural without being over-the-top, this daybed is constructed with all-weather wicker wrapped around a steel frame. It provides sun protection and great air flow, and looks like it's the perfect size for two. $7,195. restorationhardware.com 


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MANU Nest Hanging Chair

Designed by Maffam Freeform, this hanging chair features an organic pattern made from volcanic rock. We love the earthy feel of this piece - it almost seems like it could have been made in the natural world. Price upon request. maffamfree.com


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Sosia Sofa

Interested in a furniture nest, but only some of the time? This concept couch by the Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi can be molded into any shape that works for you - including a cozy cocoon. Price upon request. campeggisrl.it 



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Treehouse Nest

South African artists Porky Hefer builds massive treehouse nests on a case-by-case basis, so unfortunately they aren't mass produced (yet). Contact the artist for more information

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Onion Day Bed

We don't think the name "onion" does this daybed justice - maybe Dr. Seuss-ian would be a better way to describe it. Price upon request. lifeshopcollection.com 

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