We Can't Get Enough: Vintage Industrial Cabinets

Used by printers, mechanics, secretaries, doctors and goodness knows who else, utilitarian wood and metal cabinets from the past century are becoming beloved collectors items. Their combination of industrial aesthetic, practicality, and a touch of whimsy (90 cabinets!), make them some of our favorite vintage pieces too. 


By Rachel Amy Shahvar
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A lovely white patina and green-lined interior make this little guy a perfect table-top addition. Etsy.com, $245 

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Freestanding Fireproof

Standing 6-feet tall and made around 1909, this file cabinet was used to house the city of Chicago's files and is completely fireproof. We think the oversized yellow handles are especially cool. UrbanRemains.com, $1,800

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Hardware Treasure Chest

Although at one point this massive cabinet held tools in a hardware store, it would looks equally gorgeous in a modern home today. Etsy.com, $2,800 

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Hidden Index

The Steelmaster brand file cabinet has drawers that pull out to reveal slots for index cards. Sneaky! Etsy.com, $85

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Green Giant

Standing almost 7 feet tall (seriously!), we can't get over the gorgeous varying colors of green on this brass cabinet. Modern50.com, $2680

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Glue Gun & Sticks

We love the personal details left on the cabinet - each drawer is labeled with towns around Boston and the text "Glue Gun & Sticks" was left on the bottom right drawer. Etsy.com, $460

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Gleaming Metal

This shiny guy has no sign of patina - but it still has that industrial sheen. TheOldCinema.co.uk, $2,088

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Traditional File Cabinet

Who knew an old-school file cabinet could be so cool? This one's from the 1930's. HighlightStore.com, $3,480

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Machinist's Chest

The 30 tiny drawers of this machinist chest are so charming. Factory20.com, $1,200

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Lovely Silver

We love the variations of silver in this "small parts" work cabinet from the 1930s. UrbanRemains.com, $595

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Oak and steel come together beautifully in this printer's cabinet - which doubles as a coffee table. TheOldCinema.com.uk, $1,330

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Not For Sale

Sadly this humongus cabinet has already been sold, but we couldn't resist sharing it with you anyway. The piece is from the 1940s, stands almost 6 1/2 feet-tall, and has a whopping 90 enameled drawers. Wish we knew how much it went for! Factory20.com

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