Wood You Like Some Tea: 9 Items For a Perfect Pop-Up Party

Before Lewis Carroll’s curious heroine, Alice, in the eponymous "Alice in Wonderland" falls down the rabbit hole, she proclaims, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.” Carroll’s whimsical children’s book reminds us to suspend disbelief once in a while and imagine a world that can’t be attained, so that when we return to the world that is, we appreciate all its beauty. We reenact Alice’s eye-opening voyage with a collection of tea-oriented items crafted out of wood that would be ideal for a spur-of-the-moment tea party. Please accept our invitation to the Mad Hatter's un-birthday soiree, and be prepared to answer the question, “Wood you like some tea?”

By Adriana Angelini
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Harp Chair

This whimsical chair is the perfect piece to have when throwing your very own "mad" tea party. It’s fun, it’s one of a kind, and it will most definitely make you feel like it’s your unbirthday. Anthropologie, $3,280

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Teapot & Cup

These teapots tout a lid that conveniently turns into a wooden teacup - the perfect tool for an unforgettable tea experience. Louie Rigano, price upon request


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Wooden Stand

For those whose imaginary world involves simplicity, this portable tray will allow you to have tea anytime and anywhere, even tucked in bed. Mjölk, $175

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Napkin Rings

These delicate wooden napkin rings will add a soft and sophisticated feel to your table, and your guests might almost believe you’ve collected them over the years in your expeditions through the forests of Wonderland. Anthropologie, $28

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Tray Table

You don’t need a magenta-striped, disappearing cat to help you find your way when you have Tetra. These trays, which double as a small table when put together, will help you navigate through your space seamlessly. Tetra, Price Upon Request

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Birch Sake Pot

These beautiful wooden pourers will add a sense of magic to your tea collection, and even though they are meant for sake, who says we can’t use our imagination and put milk inside? Mjölk, $140

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Marble and Wood Cake Stand

Whether you baked too many goods or simply want to decorate your house with your beautiful scones (no judgment), these wooden cake displays will elevate the aesthetic of your tea party and home. Anthropologie, $12

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Honey Spoon

There is no such thing as too sweet, which is why this wooden honey spoon is a necessary tool whenever you drink tea. Tea Tangent, $10

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Earth Tone Trivet

Give your table rustic charm with a hot pad made with seven slices of wood secured to a burlap square. AnnaBrugge Etsy shop, $7

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Tea Nest Lace

With loose-leaf tea creations found everywhere these days, an essential wooden tool to have is this adorable strainer that fits perfectly over any teacup. Tea Tangent, $14

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Tonfisk WARM Tea & Coffee Set

Having a wooden teacup sleeve will make drinking tea that much easier because you will finally be able to hold the mug and avoid any unfortunate spills when “you’re late, you’re late, for a very important date”. Funktionalley, $168

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Wooden Plates

Wooden plates are the perfect companion for the adorable little scones and pastries baked for teatime. LoveMilo, $15-25

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