Pacific Design Center's Red Building Almost Complete

It feels like it happened overnight. The final building in the Pacific Design Center complex, simply called the "Red Building" is nearing completion after three years of construction. While it appeared on the horizon quickly, the building is nearly 40 years in the making, designed by Cesar Pelli when he first conceived of the triad.

The building is actually two towers atop seven levels of parking and features 400,000 square feet of office space at a 14-acre site on Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard. Pelli, now in his 80s (in fact, last night was his birthday) designed all three buildings. The "Blue Whale" opened in 1975 and the Green Building in 1988. Unlike it's neighbors, which contain primarily showroom space with offices on top, the Red Building is entirely office space.

Apparently red isn't an easy color to work with, as it tends to fade fast in the sun. In order to maintain the color, the builders have used an ancient technique. According to the LA Times, the glass had to be colored with a chemical process similar to that which the ancient Assyrians used to make red glazed brick.

The cost of the new building is around $150 million. No word yet if any of the office space has been leased, but whoever lands there will have some killer views of the Hollywood Hills.

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