Designed by the Modern Mann

When an avid art collector hired Andrew Mann Architecture to renovate a 1911 Edwardian building in San Francisco, he had a very specific goal in mind; to hire someone who could design a home around his vast collection of Native American artifacts, baskets, landscape paintings, decorative objects and Craftsman furniture. Mann rose to the challenge by designing a modern reinterpretation of a Craftsman style abode inspired by the owner’s rare objects. 

Clean lines and subtle details highlight the collection in gallery-like manner while material choices pay homage to the Craftsman movement and set a warm, welcoming tone when entering the home. Mann focused on pulling in as much natural light as possible by opening up the space, further contributing to the organic feel inside. 


Cherry casework is seen throughout to maintain the chosen aesthetic as well as connect the upper and lower floors. The entry hall, formal living and dining room that sit on the upper level at the front of the house feature darker hues while the lower level which houses the master bedroom suite takes in more light through large windows and doors, connecting the owner to the outside. Even though the home sits in one of the busiest cities in the world, Mann and his team transformed the structure making it feel like it was surrounded by acres of land. 


Architect: Andrew Mann

ContractorSaturn Construction

Landscape ArchitectScott Lewis Landscape Architecture

Planting DesignFlora Grubb

Lighting DesignerAnna Kondolf Lighting Design



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