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  Sometimes, reducing the price is the key to selling your house. In this case, $3.5M off the top seems to have done trick. With apologies to both Samuel Colerigde and Olivia Newton-John.

  We look at enough real estate listings online to make our eyes bleed, but not all of it is over-the-top and expensive. Here's a listing in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles that's unpretentious, personal, totally livable— not staged— and set in great garden.

A new way of looking at the Mid-Century California ranch house and stripping it down to the edge. To quote the realtor, "this home is very buyer-specific." We'd call the results moody and sequestered, neither of which is a bad thing, and we're crazy about the pool.

Sometimes, when the listing says "designer-owned",  you're in for trouble. When the designer is Chloe Warner, you're in for an very pleasant surprise.  

Seriously, I can't imagine a better place to wake up in. It can be yours for $7.895M.

  Most of us put up with the standard-issue 5-by-8-foot space allotted to bathrooms. We think that's insufferably inadequate for such an important room,  especially if we have to share. So here are five baths we'd happily trade up to.

  Not every day you see a house with seven bedrooms and its own parking lot. Almost completely un-remodeled. Just leave the kitchen alone.    

  In a town where parking issues can take on monumental proportions, the realtor announces in the listing, in caps: VERY EASY PARKING AT ALL TIMES OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. 

    In the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, a pair of siblings–two single family modern houses fill an empty lot where a house had burned down twenty years earlier.

    Exactly the kind of house the Cleavers, the Reeds, and Dr. Marcus Welby could have lived in.