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    San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood is known for  both luxurious places to live and great views. Here's a 1920's cooperative apartment with both, on the market for $5.25M. 

  In the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles, someone dreaming of the Alps– or maybe just cowbells and raclette– built this "chalet" in 1923.

Sometimes, the generic houses built during San Francisco's post-war expansion get renovated via the DIY/Big Box stores. With predictably boring results. Here's an outstanding exception that just came on the market last week, asking $899K

  Buff, Straub & Hensman was one of Los Angeles area's most influential and successful architectural firms, and their career started with post-and-beam houses like this one in Pasadena. It just hit the market this week, asking $1.375M, and it surprisingly kid-friendly for the 1950's.

Pierre Koenig is one of the icons of Mid-Century architecture in Southern California, especially in the Los Angeles area. Here in Rancho Palos Verde, just south of LA, is a house he designed in the mid-1960s.

  San Francisco's Cole Valley neighborhood is full of charming old houses and most of them have undergone some sort of renovation. Here's a small one that's perfect for one person—or a very loving couple—that's also almost perfect for entertaining.

  Once upon a time, typography was considered a critical component of marketing, and in San Francisco, we got a condo project named BLŪ. Here's a look at one of the six three-level penthouses topping BLŪ out.

  San Francisco doesn't have much in the way of Streamline Moderne, one of the "international" styles of architecture that evolved from Art Deco in the 1930's. Here's one of the best, with an impeccable renovation.

  Those classic shingled cottages everyone loves can be cold, small, and awkward to live in. Some don't even have foundations. Here in Potrero Hill, someone's created a late- 20th century-version-on-steroids with all mod-cons plus local, sustainable agriculture.

  It's Oscar Week. Let's go look  a house in the Hollywood Hills once occupied by a cinema legend. Just don't expect to find any tangible traces of him.