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  San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood is chock-a-block-full of recently-built luxury condominium units. Here's one for sale at the Infinity with an unusually large terrace.

  Russian Hill Summit is one of those perfect little San Francisco neighborhoods, with diverse building types ranging  from 19th Century cottages to recent Modernism, and a number of classic Edwardian apartment houses. 

  Probably not. But it must come close, and some of us don't need much more than this stylish little villa offers.

"Monterey Colonial" is a classic California house type. Here's one by a prominent architect in Monetcito, built in 1935.  

  There's a stretch of San Francisco's Hyde Street that's classic: tree-lined, clanking with cable cars and lined with lovely Edwardian apartment houses. Here's one of them.

  San Francisco's housing stock isn't all Victorians or late-model modern condos. Here's one imported from 19th Century Paris.

  The clean lines of this 1967 condominium building between West Hollywood and Beverly Hills offer a lot of design opportunities along with great views.

The hills of Marin County are littered with crappy stucco MacMansions. Here's an exception in San Anselmo.

There's nothing quite like the possibilities of an empty apartment.

  Fresno gets no respect. On the other hand, there's a burgeoning interest in its unique midcentury architecture, and this Usonian-style house from 1954 is a gem.