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  People love visiting Frank Lloyd Wright houses but they don't want to live in them. After more than a year, this one's off the market.

  Mid-Century design has taken on cult status in Los Angeles. By the 1960's, the severity of post-war design gave way to extravagant modern houses, and here's one for sale at $1.885M.

  What could be better than a renovated bungalow in a Santa Monica canyon? Here's one for a mere $1.8M.

  This collection of ten stacked duplex apartments in West Hollywood was finished in July 2009. Seven of the ten condos are still on the market, priced from $899K.

  Most of us have daydreamed about a house in Big Sur. At least once. This very special one is on the market for $4.95M.

  For those of us who dream of living in the world's largest salad spinner, our moment has arrived. This Ed Niles house in Beverly Hills has just been reduced to $10.895M.

  Some of get to be legends in our own time. You can pick up where Dennis Hopper left off at his Venice compound- it's for sale for $5.8M.

  It's not every day you can buy a house with a foyer modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, but just such a rarity is on the market in Los Angeles, asking $5.495M. Now's your chance.

    What's compelling about Los Angeles? It's full of interesting houses by  people re-inventing architecture, and one of these from 1964 is for sale for $2.495M.

  Berkeley is full of splendid Arts-and-Crafts style houses, and one of the best is on the market for $2.5M.