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  This oceanfront house in The Sea Ranch is perfect for those long foggy weekends on the Northern California coast, and it's for sale at $2.6M.

  Realtors believe in staging. It gets rid of the distracting detritus of someone's life and puts a house in a fresh, open light. Sometimes it goes wrong, as in this Mid-Century classic for sale in Pasadena.

Houses say a lot about their owners. Some are warm and cozy, others build to intimidate (Versailles, anyone?) A  house ready to do just that is for sale in Los Angeles.

  Artists get to build unconventional houses. Here's one for sale in Tujunga made of industrial steel components and wrapped around a swimming pool.

  In La Jolla, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright built a group of houses on a ridge. One of them is for sale.

Portola Valley was, for decades, a weekend retreat for well-off San Franciscans, and this sophisticated ranch is for sale there.

  Donald Wexler is one of the defining architects of the mid-century Palm Springs Modern style. The house he designed for Dinah Shore in 1964 is for sale after an over-the-top renovation.

Remember Post-Modernism? OK, you're probably too young. But this 1981 condominium complex in Santa Monica is a classic example of what was once a radical surprise, and there's a unit for sale.

    Using a palette of redwood, brick, concrete and glass, Carl Marston built this home in the Hollywood Hills for himself and his family. It's been completely renovated and is on the market for $3,250,000.

This knotty-pine extravaganza is perfect for both Pilgrim-themed parties and reenactments of your favorite 60's sitcoms, and it's on the market. If you move fast, you should be in by Thanksgiving.