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  Sometimes, we want to make our own places to live that are just as individual as our professional careers.  Artist/entrepreneur John Holmes did just that at his compound in Penngrove, in Sonoma County, but he hasn't had much luck selling it.

There are only so many places to live on San Francisco's Russian Hill. Its buildings are a chronicle of the city's culture and history, undamaged by the 1906 fire, later threatened with destruction by hi-rise buildings in the 1960's and now preserved. The Hermitage was the last project built on the historic hill, in 1986, and there's a penthouse on the market.

Richard Neutra was one of the defining architects of the last century, especially in Los Angeles, and one of his iconic houses came on the market last week in Pacific Palisades.

Cliff May is considered the father of the California ranch house, creator of a classic mix of modern and the traditional white-washed adobe. Here's a flawlessly-restored version, for sale in Solvang.

  Sometimes the most interesting houses on the market are the one's where very little has been done. This 1926 Normandy-style house in San Marino near Pasadena is a perfect example.

  The classic houses by architect Paul R. Williams (1894-1980) are sought-after in Los Angeles for their combination of elegant spaces and quirky details, especially in the Hancock Park neighborhood. Here's one that's on the market.

Transformed by the German artist Christian Moeller, this 1963 house in Los Angeles is on the market for $1,249,000, and recently reduced from $1,499,000.

Own a bit of Southern California's architectural history with 3,500 square feet of 1920s Andalusian style in Montecito.